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About Us

Long before Tattoo Me Charlotte was even a thought, we were just kids trying to make it though high school. Stacy was a not your typical cheerleader. Her quirky personality and confidence put her in many different friend circles. I, on the other hand, had always been introverted and found it difficult to connect with most girls my age. We ended up sharing an art class together but we hardly spoke to each other the entire semester. Until one day we both found ourselves in detention together and instantly made a lasting connection. We spent the next years of our lives growing closer, more like soul sisters.

Fast forward about 8 years... Stacy had spent years grinding, working hard towards her dream of becoming a professional tattoo artist. She was succeeding, to say the least. Upon moving to Charlotte, her client base grew exponentially. Her style was becoming more refined as she was finding her artistic voice. I was climbing a different ladder, working for a large company that owned several marinas up and down the east coast. This allowed me to be close to the water, which felt like a lifeline. But the goals I had for myself would not have been met if I stayed where I was.

For almost 3 years Stacy had been working for herself renting a room at a popular local business. That's where she started thinking of opening her own tattoo shop. She asked me to join her as partners in realizing her dream. With my management skills and her artistic ability, we thought it would be a sure thing.

Over the next year, we spent every waking moment planning, researching and sometimes even fighting about our potential endeavor. But we remained passionate and focused on our goal. It became real when we finally got the YES we so desperately wanted.

On January 1, 2016 we opened the doors of Tattoo Me Charlotte to the public! We made it! Still, there were struggles; no one knew we were here and we had only one artist other than Stacy. Slowly but surely we built a clientele over time. Through trial and error, we ultimately found an incredible team of artists and have become a close family. We had no way of knowing how many blessings would come our way. Our dreams have become reality. Stacy and I are so lucky to have each other; we have a good balance. We are excited about the future and can't wait to share it with you!

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