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What To Expect When Getting A Custom Tattoo

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Each artist at Tattoo Me Charlotte takes pride in creating custom artwork for our clients to wear as a permanent installment in our ever growing gallery. That requires a lot of preparation, research and communication between the artist and the client. Every shop will have a different process when approaching a custom tattoo design, This is what to expect when booking with Tattoo Me Charlotte.

The most efficient way to help you get to the right artist will be to first send an email to the shop and give us a brief description of your tattoo design ideas. Tell us about size, placement, color and style. This email should include any reference photos that could be used as inspiration for the artist. You can send things like artwork, paintings, drawings, photography and other tattoos. It is helpful to include at least one tattoo reference that is in the style you are looking for, even if it has nothing else to do with your design. Each artist here specializes in a specific style, and this information is helpful when determining who is the best fit for your design.

Once we have determined who is the best fit for your custom tattoo, it may be necessary to have a consultation appointment. Sometimes, the artist may need to speak with you further. This is especially true when dealing with cover ups, scars, or more complex projects, which could take multiple sessions. We can schedule a free consultation with the artist on any day that is convenient for you. While speaking with the artist, he or she will help you determine what will work for you and what will not. Keep in mind that we have years of tattooing experience and want you to have the best tattoo that will last, and sometimes that means the idea will have to be altered to fit your body. This includes what colors will work for your skin tone, the size it should be for the detail required and also what works with your anatomy. Trust your artist! They have your best interest in mind.

When you are ready, we can go over scheduling an appointment for your custom tattoo. It is not unusual to wait several months before your appointment. During that time, you can continue to send inspiration photos to the shop email. Try to keep the same email thread as this makes it easier to find your information on the day of your appointment. On that day, you and your artist will design your tattoo together. That will be based on any references you send, your body type, skin tone, color choices, etc. That way you have a direct input on the design process. This could take several hours, especially for larger complex designs. Once the design is complete, we will place the stencil and begin the tattoo.

Larger pieces may require multiple sessions. The first will be mostly design work, followed by a basic outline or general shape to begin. The following appointments will be spent completing the tattoo.

We offer free touch ups within the first year of getting your new custom tattoo! A touch up is scheduled only for tattoos that didn't heal properly, i.e. a line isn't connected, or the color is patchy. This does not include recoloring, or additions to the existing tattoo. A current photo of the tattoo is required before scheduling a touch up appointment.

We understand that getting a permanent piece of artwork is a big commitment. We look forward to helping you create something totally unique and made just for you!

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Hamza Mughall
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